Jacinda Ardern’s Dispatches From The Hospital Are Too Wholesome For This Earth

Having lived in Australia my entire life, it’s hard to imagine experiencing anything that comes even close to warm feelings towards any of our prime ministers. Malcolm Turnbull could have single-handedly rescued and hand-reared a basketful of kittens and I would still feel, at best, contempt for the man. But the Kiwis don’t have Malcolm Turnbull, they have Jacinda Ardern.

Last week Ardern became the first world leader in almost 30 years to give birth while in office and, in keeping with the fact that New Zealand has a population of approximately 25 people, she’s been keeping the public informed in a disarmingly casual way. Namely: Facebook live videos.

Yesterday, Ardern made one last dispatch from the hospital before heading back home, thanking  (it seems) the entirety of New Zealand, who sent their well wishes, support, and advice and also, more specifically, the staff at the hospital.

She also took the time to explain why her and her partner Clarke Gayford settled on Neve Te Aroha for the baby’s name. Lastly and most importantly, she took the time to gently roast Gayford’s schmick op shop cardigan.

You can watch the video below:

What a ridiculous country.