The NZ PM’s Secret Santa To Two Young Kiwis Is Heart-Meltingly Good

This morning we reported on New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern receiving her gift as a part of the nation-wide Secret Santa going down rn, and now we have the deets on the lucky Kiwi who scored her gift giving and tbh she just keeps on racking up those Legend Points.

The recipient of the leader’s “secret” pressie was a mother of two young girls, Rebecca Terry, who has shared pics of the goodies on Twitter and they include: a lotion thing from beauty brand Lush (eh, kinda basic), a book titled Goodnight Stories For Rebel Girls (better) and Ardern’s own personal pin from this year’s APEC leader’s summit (EXTREMELY GOOD SHIT).

Terry also shared the message the PM personally wrote on the Christmas card enclosed:

The sweetest and best part of it all however, has to be the inscription Ardern wrote inside the book intended for Rebecca’s young girls:


Got to say, an empowering personal message from the youngest Prime Minister in NZ history, who also happens to be its third ever female leader, is something these girls will no doubt treasure for some time.

We know our Constitution has a line in it that allows New Zealand to join the Commonwealth of Australia whenever it wants but like… can we do it the other way round?