New NXIVM Legal Filings Detail Alleged Sexual Assaults In Ringleader’s Home

New court documents related to the alleged NXIVM sex cult claim one member was blindfolded and shackled to a table while an unknown person sexually assaulted her, among other disturbing details allegations levelled against members of the secretive organisation.

On Wednesday, the US Attorney’s Office filed to seize two New York properties owned by NXIVM founder Keith Raniere and his alleged second-in-command, former Smallville actor Allison Mack.

Raniere and Mack have both been charged with sex trafficking offences. This week’s filing alleges some of those offences were either committed or facilitated at the properties, and that Raniere used one of them for “repeated sexual contact with Jane Doe 1, including oral sex and sexual intercourse on a number of occasions”.

Documents supporting the filing allege Jane Doe 1, one of the so-called “slaves” enlisted to NXIVM’s DOS sub-group, was instructed by Mack to “do anything he asked her to do.”

The filing claims that Jane Doe 1 agreed, fearful that compromising material handed to the group when she joined would be used against her if she refused.

“Raniere led Jane Doe 1, still blindfolded, through some trees, into what she believed was a shack, and tied her to a table,” the filing states.

Another person in the room, who Jane Doe 1 did not previously know was present, began performing oral sex on Jane Doe 1 as Raniere circled the table making comments. Jane Doe 1 did not want to participate in this sexual activity, but believed it was part of her commitment to DOS and that if she broke her commitment to DOS her collateral could be released.

The documents also allege that DOS members were instructed to strip naked, and that Mack would send nude photos of them directly to Raniere. It is alleged these images formed more “collateral” that could be used to blackmail the women if they left the organisation.

Both Raniere and Mack go on trial in October. If found guilty, both could face at least fifteen years in prison.

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