Saddle Up Soaked Sallys, The BOM Has Warned NSW & Vic Is In For More Wild Weather This Weekend

wild weather nsw victoria BOM

The eastern side of Australia is set to crop some pretty hectic weather for the tail end of this week and my only suggestion for battling the elements is: don’t. Just stay home babe. Our run of wild and windy weather isn’t over yet so you may as well just crawl back into bed and wait for it to all blow over.

Our pals at the Bureau of Meteorology released a severe weather update on Thursday to confirm the whipping winds are still howling across southeast Australia.

A powerful cold front worked its way east across the country earlier on Thursday morning, resulting in over 50mm of rain hitting the alpine ski resort regions.

The high winds and gusty showers are being pushed south and east thanks to a big, unstable pocket of air over the Great Australian Bight.

“There are warnings for current winds above 90 kilometres an hour, which could cause damage to trees and properties as well as heavy rainfall,” the BoM’s spokesperson said.

Melbourne was absolutely howling with wind last night when I was trying to get to sleep, so I don’t doubt the power of that cold front.

The big, blustery cold front is expected to keep charging east throughout Friday which means the NSW and Victorian coasts are probably going to cop a hiding before the weekend.

Flood watches have been sent out for parts of eastern NSW and northeast Victoria with a focus on the Lachlan, Murrumbidgee and Upper Murray rivers.

In South Australia, a flood watch in both Adelaide and the Mt Lofty areas have been issued, which could muck up transport if roads are closed due to the weather.

By Friday afternoon the bulk of the cold front is expected to be well out to sea. The tail of it is probably going to hit the NSW north coast and parts of southeastern Queensland, both of which have barely dried out after the downpour a couple of weeks ago.

So it looks like it’s gonna be a pretty wet weekend again so stay in if you can and just do not perceive the wild weather. May I suggest you watch a movie and work your way through a bottle of red wine in a giant fluffy robe?