BOM Has Dropped Its Aussie Spring Weather Outlook And Dryness Is A Fantasy, You Fools


La Niña has departed and left our shores battered and dripping but a new sopping thot spring weather climate driver is coming to town to drench our dreams. Lucky us east coasters are used to the rain because this is our existence now forever.

The Bureau of Meteorology’s climate outlook for the next three months indicates the rain is here to stay thanks to the Indian Ocean Dipole and the threat of another La Niña.

The IOD is a climate driver that, when in its negative phase, allows warmer waters to converge off Australia’s west coast. Warmer waters usually lead to more rain which will likely move from the west coast to the east.

“August to October is likely to see above-average rainfall for most of Australia,” BOM senior meteorologist Dr Lynette Bettio told

“To our west, warmer ocean temperatures off Indonesia and cooler conditions off Africa indicate a negative Indian Ocean Dipole is likely.”


This comes one month after the BOM confirmed La Niña had finally come to an end but said there was a 50 per cent chance it could return.

“We remain at La Nina watch, meaning the La Nina has around a 50 per cent chance of returning this spring,” Dr Bettio said.

Dr Bettio said there was a high chance of above-normal rainfall for much of Australia, especially the central and eastern states, caused by either the IOD, La Niña or both…???

All this after a soggy summer and autumn that saw widespread, devastating floods and pretty much non-stop rain in some parts of NSW and Queensland for six months.

Only southwestern WA and western Tasmania are forecast to be drier than usual.

As for spring weather temperatures, it will be cooler than normal in southern Queensland and most of NSW. Great. But WA, Vic, SA and Tas can expect hotter than usual spring days.

Pretty much everywhere the night temps are getting hotter so I look forward to more sweaty, uncomfortable sleeps.