There’s New Rules For Travelling Between NSW & Victoria, So Here’s Everything You Need To Know


From 11:59PM on October 19, fully vaccinated NSW residents from red zones will no longer need to quarantine for 14 days when entering Victoria. Victorians can also enter NSW if they are double dosed, but only if they complete an entry declaration.

However, before entering the state, NSW residents will need to return a negative test result 72 hours before entering Victoria. Once in the state, they will need to isolate until they return another negative test. Those who are unvaccinated will also need to be tested upon arrival, and undergo two weeks mandatory quarantine.

Once in Victoria, NSW residents will be subject to the same restrictions as everyone else in Melbourne (regional VIC has different rules you can read about here). Which means: no leaving your 25km radius, no visitors to your home, abiding by the 9pm-5am curfew and shops are still only open for takeaway and click and collect.

The changes come as Victoria is fast-approaching 70% full dose vaccinations, which will bring with more freedoms like sit-down eating and no more curfew.

“These changes, made on the advice of the public health team and the Chief Health Officer, come as the Victorian community rapidly approaches and is going to pass today 88 per cent of our population aged 16 and over having at least one dose and 63 per cent having two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine,” Health Minister Martin Foley said.

Of course, NSW has already hit their 70% target, with the state officially opening up on October 11. Since then, they have opened borders to ACT, Queensland and now, fully-vaccinated international arrivals will be able to enter the country without undergoing two weeks of quarantine from November 1.

At a press conference today, a reporter asked Minister Foley if that would mean an international arrival could essentially arrive in Sydney and then travel to Melbourne. He then told reporters to “take a chill pill”.

“We’re increasingly putting in place a flexible system that will gradually and safely reopen Victoria. NSW is responsible for NSW,” Foley said.

“I don’t speak for the NSW government but my understanding is that you’ve had to have a negative test 72 hours before you come to Australia and that you have to be double dosed.

“I think everyone just needs to take a chill pill. We’re not aware of the full details of a media release hot off the printer from the NSW government. We’ll go through that.”

For more information about the VIC/NSW border and how to apply for a permit, head here.