NSW Police Are Searching For Uh… “Santa” In Relation To Alleged Arson

If you’re in inner Sydney and happen to know a jolly round man with a big white beard and red hat who gives gifts to children once a year and may also be just a little bit heaps into doing crimes, NSW Police would like to hear from you. Authorities in the state are searching for Santa regarding a 2016 incident of arson and robbery, and they’ve released CCTV footage from the scene in case you don’t believe that.

[jwplayer Q472Tg0O]

The alleged attack occurred on Christmas Day 2016 (of course) on Sparkes Street in Camperdown.

CCTV footage released today shows a man wearing a Santa hat and beard entering a building carrying two large containers.

Inside, police allege the man stole several items – including a solid sum of money – before pouring fuel around the premises and setting it alight. The CCTV footage shows the man, white beard flowing in the breeze, running away from the scene of the crime as flames light up the entrance way.

Absolutely no doubt about it, folks. It’s a Santa.

The unidentified North Pole Giftman escaped the scene on foot via Sparkes St, towards Arundal St, Forest Lodge.

Leichhardt Police Area Command established a crime scene at the time but were unable to identify the suspect.

As a result of the on-going investigation, we now have the above footage which, again, clearly shows a Santa setting fire to a place on Christmas Night. Because sometimes you simply have to get those chestnuts roasted, apparently.

Anyone with any information concerning the identity of the the man is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1300 333 000.

You can certainly try to claim it’s a guy called “Kris Kringle,” just don’t act surprise when they get snippy at you in response.