NSW’s Police Commissioner Is Now Parroting Blatant Lies About Melbourne’s BLM Protests

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller is making strides to dissuade protesters from attending an upcoming Black Lives Matter rally planned for Sydney next week, and in doing so is pedalling the same outright lies that conservative media and politicians have been bombarding towards the Melbourne Black Lives Matter rallies of June 6.

Fuller appeared on Sky News earlier today, weighing in on the economic impact of the current coronavirus pandemic, despite the fact that he is a cop and not an economist.

In doing so, Fuller strongly alluded to the repeatedly-debunked theory that the Melbourne Black Lives Matter rallies somehow directly contributed to the city’s current COVID-19 crisis, despite that being a very big and incredibly bad lie.

Fuller stated “It is not a time to be selfish, there are many ways you can protest, there are many ways you can go online, in forums or even through the media you can get your voice,” in a bid to turn people off attending the event, which has some 4,000-odd people either “interested” or “attending” on the official Facebook event.

Going further than that, Fuller then brought the issue in Victoria into play, asserting “Do you want your protest to be the one that puts NSW back five or 10 years economically because that’s exactly what could happen and that’s exactly what we saw in Victoria.”

Fuller doubled down on those comments in an appearance on 2GB, stating “Relying on some pretty good intelligence from Victoria, we know how dangerous these protests can be, in terms of health.”

For what’s probably the millionth time, Victorian Department of Health and Human Services officials have ruled that, although 6 people who attended the BLM rallies in Melbourne later tested positive for COVID-19, none of them acquired the virus at the protest, and there is no evidence that any community transmission of coronavirus occurred at the protest itself.

In fact, PEDESTRIAN.TV spoke to the DHHS directly about the matter late last week. “We are aware of six confirmed cases who attended the Black Lives Matter protest. Currently there is no evidence to suggest they acquired the virus from the protest. None of these cases are known to reside at a major public housing complex. Currently no known nor suspected episodes of transmission occurred at the protest itself,” was their clear-as-day response.

That hasn’t stopped Murdoch-backed media and LNP politicians from bleating black and blue about it, however. And that the top police official in New South Wales is now parroting those same blatant lies – particularly in a bid to stop a protest aimed at railing against police brutality – speaks volumes.

NSW Police, for what it’s worth, are taking the matter to the Supreme Court in a bid to have the planned protest blocked. “We will take that matter to the Supreme Court and win, lose or draw we can still take action against people for breaching health orders and if a thousand people turn up maybe I can only write tickets for 500 people but do you want to be the first person to get the $1000 ticket, that’s the question,” Fuller said.