NSW Legalised Eyeball Tattooing On Friday, Is Already Trying To Ban It

Jesus tapdancing christ, the Baird Government is seriously flapping about at the moment like a blown spinnaker.

Not only are they under phenomenal pressure from the public over their much maligned, strict Christian Dad-style lockout laws, but they apparently don’t even have a handle on the new laws that they’re implementing.
This past Friday, the NSW State Government enacted a number of heath amendments that came into effect immediately.
Among this raft of updated legislation was the inclusion of eyeball tattooing in the list of procedures classified as “skin penetration procedures.” This list also includes tongue piercing and tongue tattooing. The amendment effectively legalised the process of having one’s eyeball tattooed in New South Wales.
It is no more than 4 days since that amendment passed through all stages of Government, and now Mike Baird and his band of merry Liberals are already considering putting the kibosh on it, with calls from the Opposition to have the procedure banned due to safety fears being seriously considered by the Government.
Health Minister Jillian Skinner has confirmed that a ban on the procedure for cosmetic reasons is being seriously considered.

“I’ve sought advice as to whether there are any legitimate medical reasons for eyeball tattooing and if there are not then I will consider measures to ban the practice.”

“Legitimate medical reasons” yeah ok. I’m no fancy big city Doctor but I can’t really foresee the Fun Police running into too many roadblocks in that regard.

The procedure carries a risk of blindness with it if it is performed incorrectly or by inexperienced personnel, and some poor quality dyes do carry a risk of cancer with them.
But bloody hell, at least make up yr flippin’ minds either way.
Source: ABC News.
Photo: Brendon Thorne/Getty.