NSW Labor Wants To Put Prison-Grade Phone Jammers In Schools & Thank Fuck I Graduated Already

NSW Labor Looks To Implement Phone Jammers In Schools If Elected

Picture this: It’s 2004 and you’re scrambling to override your school’s internet just to get a taste of Facebook, but now that feeling may come back for current students as the NSW Labor party is considering mobile phone jammers in all schools — yikes.

Back in the day, we had apps like Opera Browser that would allow you to search up stuff that was blocked on your school’s internet, like social media sites, BUT with the introduction of phone jammers, a plethora of systems on smart phones can be blocked, like ringing and texting — which is quite cooked IMO.

“We’re looking at emerging technology when it comes to combatting mobile phones in school,” Labor leader Chris Minns said when announcing the party’s plan to ban mobile phones in school if elected on March 25th.

Although this technology will block ringing, texting and social media use, the phone jammers will allow authorised phones to make calls with teachers, administrations and students with medical conditions.

“When it comes to emerging technology it seems we could be in a position to have someone with a medical condition to have access emergency technology but ensure there is a ban in place for everyone else using it for social media,” Minns said.

9News reports that Shadow education minister Prue Car has considered using the technology. The phone jamming tech is currently implemented in two state jails in Lithgow and Goulburn.

Education minister Sarah Mitchell criticised the possible implementation of the phone jammers, saying, “They are pupils, they are not prisoners and the fact that Labor want to do is bring technology from super max into your child’s school is incredibly concerning.” Mitchell also criticised the technology for its ability to track students and where they are.

To be completely honest, the whole idea of schools having prison technology kinda makes it feel like we’re living in a Black Mirror episode.

Might as well give kiddos walkie talkies instead of phones.