Cop These Vids Of A Wet Girl Soaked Summer From The La Niñapocalypse Floods In NSW This Wknd

nsw upper hunter singleton floods

Emergency services have responded to ~hundreds~ of calls for help in New South Wales this weekend after major flooding in parts of the state including the Upper Hunter and Singleton region.

As an extreme fuck you to those of us who were hoping for a sunny start to summer, Mother Nature has decided to start La Niña season early.

After intense amounts of rainfall hit the state this past week, parts of the state have been met with major flooding and road closures, with locals in the Upper Hunter region and Singleton ordered to evacuate.

Since Friday, more than 30 people have been rescued by State Emergency Services (SES) across NSW, with nearly 800 calls for help.

Particular areas of concern are in Upper Hunter, Gunnedah, as well as Northeastern parts of the state, and Central Western parts near Castlereagh River.

According to the Bureau of Metereology (BoM) via SBS News, some parts of NSW were hit with 100mm of rainfall on Friday alone. As The Viviene says on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK: “I’m dripping”.

On that same night, the Warragamba Dam started to spill. By Saturday morning, it was spilling at a rate of roughly 60 to 80 gigalitres a day. Oof.

BoM confirmed this morning that Singleton was just 0.3m below the major flooding level of 13m.

Conditions appear to have eased but experts are warning that more cats and dogs are expected to rain down on us later this coming week.

“The weather event we’re experiencing at the moment is quite a significant event across the whole of New South Wales,” State Emergency Services commissioner Carlene York told reporters this morning via The Guardian.

“It is expected that the rain will continue. It might ease at the beginning of the week but there’s another front coming closely behind that.

“So, at the moment, the circumstances are that all our dams are full and some are on alert and are going up to capacity.”

In absolutely insane footage, the water rose so high in Gunnedah that a man was seen catching a carp with his own bare hands literally on the street in his suburban home, which feels like a very “this is fine” approach to our sudden Nin-apolcapyse.

On Thursday, a pair of blokes escorted their horses across floodwaters in the Upper Hunter.

While you’re here, catch this drone footage of the floods in Scone that feels rather cinematically terrifying. Fortunately, according to the person behind the video, Dimity Smith, “the cows are safe and accounted for”. Thank god.

Looking at these clips, it’s official. We’re having a Wet Girl Summer, and not the cute and sexy kind. Now, if you need me, I’ll be reading these new books in an attempt to avoid admitting that La Niña is here.