From Hairdressers To Restaurants, Here’s How NSW Will Open Up To Vaccinated People First

nsw eased restrictions From Hairdressers To Restaurants, Here's How NSW Will Open Up To Vaccinated People First

Locky D has been stretching itself out like a cat on the grass, but fortunately, there’s been talk from NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian about the potential of slowly easing restrictions for those of us who’ve been vaccinated. So, how exactly can we reach this point?

Answering a slew of questions at Monday morning’s presser, Berejiklian made multiple mentions of a potential slow opening up of NSW that will be accessible to vaccinated people first and foremost.

However, according to Berejiklian, there’s a current goal of 6 million first-dose vaccination jabs across NSW by the end of August before the state even thinks about opening up at all. Currently, we are at around 4.5 million first doses, so still a ways to go, but very possible.

In particular, Berejiklian was asked when we would see very minimal restrictions lifted, with a specific focus on hairdressers as one example of a small business that could become available to us (who are vaxxed) soon.

“We have set the target of 6 million jabs by the end of August, by which time the health experts will have more confidence to put to us some things that can be eased. It will also depend on what the case numbers are looking like in three weeks time and I hope they are lower than what they are today but we don’t know,” said Berejiklian.

“6 million jabs gives us opportunities to consider what restrictions we can ease, it gives us opportunities to think about what life in September looks like and can I please urge everybody, if you are able, to get a jab.”

Berejiklian was also asked when we might see even bigger restrictions eased, like restaurants and other businesses, and identified that these transitions to greater freedoms will arrive alongside “higher vaccination rates”.

“The government is considering our options. We want to make sure every step we take is a safe one but that that will depend on… the number of jabs into arms between now and [the end of August],” she said.

“I’m hoping we get to 5 million jabs sometime next week, and then we have the home run to 6 million jabs by the end of August.”

And what about some suburbs with zero cases or higher vaccination rates having special privileges over those that are considered highly infectious areas or aren’t getting the jab as much?

Well, Berejiklian would like to remind us that we’re all in this together. We’re not districting ourselves off like in The Hunger Games.

“You can’t have the segregation – you can’t just look at rates of vaccination that one suburb and the number of cases in isolation because we’re all connected. We’re all connected as a nation let alone as a state.

“We have to accept that. As much as we can think we can harden things off and want more freedoms we have to encourage each other and support each other to get the vaccine, not just where we live but across the city, across occupations, across professions.

“It’s in all of our interests to increase the rates of vaccination especially in those communities where the rates of vaccination can be lower, where people are working because they have to, because we rely on them.”

So there you have it, folks. Everything will be considered based on the number of jabs, which means if you want to get your bloody hair cut, go and get the vaccine!

If you’re already vaxxed up, encourage those around you to do the same, otherwise, you’ll be couped up in lockdown for a lot longer than the rest of us.

All adult Aussies (yep, even if those of us under 40) are currently able to get the safe and effective AstraZeneca vaccine through a GP. Talk to a doctor to see if it’s right for you.

Alternatively, you can triple-check to see if you’re eligible for the Pfizer vaccine here.

The best vaccine is the first one you can get, and that’ll be our ticket out of this mess.