Hell: NSW Records 110 New Cases With A Shitload Of Them (43) Infectious While In Community

gladys berejiklian nsw cases

A big resounding “what the fuck” rings through NSW as the state records a massive 110 new cases of COVID-19 today.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced on Wednesday morning that of the 110 new cases, a huge total of 43 people were infectious while out in the community.

This is one of the highest amounts of people infectious out in the community that we’ve seen so far in this current state-wide lockdown. Berejiklian has repeatedly stated that if we ever want to get out of this, we’ll have to see those infectious in the community numbers plummet straight down to zero.

According to Berejiklian, 54 of the new COVID-19 cases were confirmed to be linked to known cases in the past. Meanwhile, 37 of the new cases were in isolation for all of their infectious period, which is always good to hear.

One of the reasons that we are seeing such a high amount of cases today is because of the fact that we’ve smashed testing records, with over 84k cases recorded. This is the highest amount of tests that we’ve seen recorded in a single day.

The total number of cases from the Sydney outbreak now sits at 1,528. A total of 23 individuals are now in intensive care, while there are 11 people who currently require ventilation.

“The last thing anyone wants is to unknowingly take the virus home and giving it to their loved ones,” said Berejiklian.

“Our vaccination rates are so low, and yet we’ve done well in stemming the spread of the virus. What we need to do is quash it.”

Areas of concern at the moment are currently suburbs in western Sydney, including Merrylands, Guildford, Toongabbie, Seven Hills, Rooty Hill, Lakemba, Haymarket and Wollongong. If you live or work in these suburbs and feel unwell, it is recommended that you go and get a test right away.

Gladys Berejiklian also confirmed that harder lockdown restrictions will not be confirmed until further information about the effectiveness of previous lockdown rules becomes available.

If you’d like to read about the further lockdown restrictions that came into place on July 17, you can head right HERE to read all about it.