Nothing Unites The People Like #SydneyStorm And Dank Photoshop Skills

Rumours of Twitter‘s eventual demise might be casting a shadow over the entire network right now, but honestly, it’s not like Twitter could ever disappear COMPLETELY, because otherwise how the hell would Sydney even know when a storm was happening?

Yes, that’s right. On this muggy Friday afternoon we found ourselves once again living in a world where #sydneystorm was the number one trending topic in Australia.

That was partly because Sydney can barely cope with a light breeze without tweeting about it, and partly because an actual freaking lightening bolt hit Sydney Tower.

Sydney journo / future legend Mike Morrow managed to capture the inarguably iconic moment:

Finally!! I got one! #sydneystorm #westfield #lightning #thunderstorm #storms

A photo posted by Mike Morrow (@mikejmorrow) on

Straight-up perfection, no?

The pic was of course just dripping with ripeness for the photoshop treatment, and to be sure, ABC Sydney tweeted this mere minutes later.

(They also later posted another photoshop to our Facebook. We saw ‘ya! HIIIIII )

Experiencing a heady mixture of ‘seizing the day’, ‘showing off’, and ‘avoiding deadlines’, a couple PEDESTRIAN.TV editors got in on the photoshop action: 

And, of course, do did a bunch of others.

Ah, Sydney. Nothing brings us together more than some shitty weather and a photoshop battle, huh? Big love, happy weekend. #BlessUp.

Photos: Home-grown / Twitter.