NOT HAPPY GLADYS: 3rd ‘KSO’ Rally Sends Strong Message To New Premier

Welp, surely we’re all across the fact that NSW has a new premier, after old mate Mikey Baird called it quits back in January. So now we’ve got Gladys Berejiklian (try saying that five times quickly) and we’ve wholly entered another era of another Liberal premier. 

What this means, for those playing at home and scratching their heads about what’s happening with the really-not-that-well-thought-out lockout laws in Sydney, is that the Keep Sydney Open team see the change as an opportunity. A moment in time where a shift in leadership presents a chance for the people affected by the lockouts to sit down with the government and deal with it once and for all.
It’s been a solid year since the first Keep Sydney Open rally, and the movement has grow a whole bunch in that time. They’ve marched up Oxford St, sloshed about in the rain at Hyde Park, and for the third peaceful protest, we went along as the city’s nightlife community brought a day party to the middle of the business district.