The Northern Territory Will Officially Allow Bars And Restaurants To Begin Re-Opening In Two Weeks

Folks in the Northern Territory will be able to go to the pool tomorrow, eat at restaurants in two weeks’ time, and go clubbing by June 5.

That’s according to the territory government’s new roadmap for easing lockdown restrictions, which will eventually allow all businesses to reopen provided they have a COVID-19 safety plan.

“Today we make our first steps on the road to recovery, because we are the safest place in Australia, we can do this before the rest of Australia,” Chief Minister Michael Gunner said.

“The whole idea is get to as close to normal without putting you at risk and without putting some of Australia’s vulnerable at risk.

“This new normal will be with us for a while.”

From Friday, May 1, outdoor gatherings will be allowed again.

This means swimming pools can reopen, wedding and funerals can be held, and sports where distance can be maintained such as golf or fishing will be allowed.

Two weeks after that, on May 15, indoor activities will be allowed so long as they’re shorter than two hours.

This will apply to restaurants, cafes, bars, gyms, shopping centres, hairdressers and more.

By June 5, all businesses with a COVID-19 safety plan will be able to reopen, and the two-hour limit will be lifted.

This allows people to go clubbing and watch the footy. Tattoo parlours and cinemas are also among the businesses which will be allowed to reopen at this date.

There have been 28 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the territory, 25 of whom have already recovered. The positive figures come as the ACT today announced it had wiped out all active COVID-19 cases.

In making the announcement, Gunner also declared the NT to be “the safest place in Australia”, a claim we’ve already heard from SA’s Chief Health Officer.