Nike’s Latest Ad Campaign Has Already Copped The Meme Treatment 

And, the internet is back at it. In the same week Nike‘s new 30th anniversary ad campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick debuted – the same week a number of passionately disgusted customers started to literally torch their Nike merchandise – people started to whip up a fresh batch of memes ‘cos of course they did.

[jwplayer BJc4no54]

Kaepernick is the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback who took the knee during the pre-game National Anthem in silent protest of the mistreatment of black people in the United States. 

Kneeling during the National Anthem sparked such an almighty fury from a number of people (and President Donald Trumpthe silent protest was inevitably banned.

Part of the Crazy Dream campaign, which includes a close-up of Kaepernick’s face reads: “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything” with the Nike logo and slogan beneath.

Despite an initial 3 per cent drop, Nike’s online sales reportedly climbed back up by 31 per cent, performing better than the same period in 2017 according to advertising research firm Edison Trends. 

Nike has also released a commercial with sporting greats Serena Williams and Lebron James. Kaepernick, who voices the commercial, also appears in the ad.

So for starters, here’s the original Kaepernick ad.

And now for a couple of memes which range from savage, to cute, to funny, to SAVAGE.


Click into this tweet for a whole thread of memes.

Obviously this one’s a fave.

There are also memes from several popular accounts although their Instagrams are weirdly set to ‘private’ so here are some screenshots.


I don’t think this is an official Nike thing but it’s been doing the major rounds on Twitter, this week. It’s a instructional guide on How To Burn Our Products Safely and it’s quite the laff.

Former Narcos frontman Pedro Pascal posted the guide to his Instagram account a couple of days ago. You can catch Pascal in the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 film, due for release in November 2019.

Ahhhhh, internet.