Nick Xenophon Blows His Load Over Chris Pyne’s Too-Early Election Posters

To the untrained eye, Australian elections seem like a total shitshow – if a party leader even makes it full a through term, they might just spit the dummy, chuck their toys out of the pram, and call an election (basically) ’cause they bloody feel like it. 

Yet, behind that veneer of chaos, there are indeed rules governing elections. Endless reams of regulations that our overlords are charged with following. Guidelines that, when breached, result in a swift dick joke from Independent Senator Nick Xenophon. 


Yep. That there sign, hoisted in support of Christopher Pyne, might just be jumping the gun. It also puts him at an ever-so-slight advantage over Nick Xenophon Team’s own Matthew Wright, who is looking to wrest Sturt from Pyne for the first time since 1993.

Of course, in the grand scheme of things, a few posters hoisted early onto a few Stobie poles (God bless South Australia) won’t have a huge sway in the election – but goshdarnit, at least let everyone display their flimsy plastic rectangles at the same time.

This is gonna be a long election cycle, folks. At least we’ve got mad penile puns to tide us over until the final vote is tallied. 

Source and photo: Nick Xenophon / Facebook.