New York Daily News Delivers Front Page K.O After Trump’s Huge Iowa Loss

Over the past few months, the New York Daily News tabloid has effectively schooled the planet on what a newspaper’s front page can be.

The results swing from the stark and poignant, like when they utterly annihilated religious politicians for their take on gun violence in the U.S, to the absurdly comical, when they… well, when they wrecked critics of their original editorial stance on the same issue.

Following those largely nonsensical Iowa caucuses – maybe you’ve heard about ’em online – the Daily News have aimed their trademark smarmy vigour at the day’s biggest loser:

Donald. J. Trump. 

Tomorrow’s frontpage is childish. It’s a bit silly. The argument could even be made that it’s a cheap shot considering his staggering loss to the invertebrate Ted Cruz, but after months of near-constant buffoonery, it’s fitting that he’s been called out. 
For what it’s worth, each bloke took 24% and 28% of the Republican vote, respectively. It’s not a whitewash, but history has proven it to be very, veeeery difficult for anyone to become the Pres without first taking Iowa. 
Allow us to play the world’s tiniest violin, here, ’cause Trump just got stumped. 

Source: Twitter. 
Photo: Jon Raedle / Getty / Twitter.