A New Fiancée Mistakenly Texted Sarah Michelle Gellar And Buffy Frothed It

Of all the people in the world to accidentally text a picture announcing your engagement to, Buffy the motherfucking Vampire Slayer (or Sarah Michelle Gellar as she’s known to some) has to be up there with the greatest of all time.

Like, I’ve had literal dreams where I accidentally text SMG and she replies and we become best friends and lie on the beach drinking mimosas discussing her acting process behind the pivotal sewer scene in season three episode twenty, and this woman just got about as close to that as humanly possible. I’m not jealous. Not at all.

Me, not being jealous.

Charlyn Willis is the woman whom I definitely do not wish any ill will towards out of a pure rage-filled envy, and the story goes she was attempting to text her sister the exciting news that her boyfriend liked it AND put a ring on it, and perhaps due to the increased weight on her ring finger, mistyped her phone number.

Due to an insane fluke SMG instead got the text and being the creature of pure light and warmth that she is, replied to the accidental text, not with a “who dis” but with a lovely supportive message of congratulations, even going as far to post to her Facebook page, further congrats:

Charlyn rightfully lost her shit, responding to SMG’s post with a thanks and a wedding invite for her and svelte husband Freddie Prince Jnr:

Hmmm a wedding invite? Maybe stay in your lane Charlyn, you already got the fluke of a lifetime by texting The Chosen One, maybe don’t push your luck. (Ok, I lied. I’m so jealous I’m going to explode.)

Congrats or whatever I guess. Just remember the real winner here is, and always will be, Buffy The Vampire Slayer.