Neo-Nazis Have Clashed W/ Police Outside Vic Parliament During A Fucked Anti-Immigration Rally

A bunch of grubby neo-Nazis, police and counter-protestors have clashed outside Victoria’s Parliament House ahead of an anti-immigration rally that was set to begin on Saturday at noon.

Violent scenes first erupted on the steps of Victoria’s Parliament House after protestors, who can be seen waving the Australian flag alongside a sign that reads “living space for whites stop immigration”, began hurling objects at police during a confrontation.

Footage of the incident has surfaced on Twitter, where Victorian police can been seen attempting to move the anti-immigration protestors from the steps.

Per ABC News, the clashes continued with police using pepper spray in an attempt to contain violence amongst the protestors and yelling “get back” at opposing demonstrators.

Victoria Police said they were prepared for the rally and they would maintain a “highly visible” presence in the CBD.

“Officers are equipped and well prepared to deploy resources to ensure the safety of the community and to keep the peace,” she said, per ABC News.

“Hate and prejudice hold no place in our community and we will not tolerate any offensive and abhorrent anti-social behaviour.”

A flyer for the anti-immigration rally, that was leaked from an encrypted My Place Telegram group, says that they will be “organising against the government’s planned importation of over 700,000 immigrants in the next two years.”

The My Place flyer also claimed the rally was open to “Australians who want to see an end to the housing crisis, lowered wages and rising crime caused by mass immigration.”

One person within the group also said that they’d be bringing their “I support Moira Deeming” sign to the rally in response to her being expelled on Friday from the Liberal Party after she was spotted in attendance at an anti-trans rally in March, which also involved literal neo-Nazis.

The anti-immigration rally comes months after neo-Nazis attended an anti-trans rally outside of Victoria’s Parliament House, which prompted Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews to tweet out, “Nazis aren’t welcome. Not on Parliament’s steps. Not anywhere.”

In 2021, Victoria became the first state to move towards banning public displays of Nazi symbols, including the swastika.

Now, find a way to ban neo-nazis altogether.