Malcolm Turnbull Called Peter Dutton A “Thug” But If Ur Gonna Be Savage Go All The Way Boys

Over the past weeks the Australian political world has been shocked by the ABC’s blockbuster documentary series Nemesis and the reveals made in it by high-ranking Liberal politicians, such as ex-Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull calling current Liberal Leader Peter Dutton a “thug”. But let’s be real, as much fun as this behind-the-back name calling is, it is far from the quality roasts that politicians used to say to each others’ faces.

Nemesis is a new ABC program which aims to show viewers “inside the recent Coalition government in a revealing tale of politics, ambition and power,” and tells the tale of the Liberal government’s leadership from 2013-2022.

The first episode gave a rare insight into Tony Abbott‘s time as PM, and his replacement/backstabbing by Turnbull in 2015. The most recent one centred on Turnbull’s period in power, and how in 2018 he was usurped by Scott Morrison.

But as the political nerds reading would know, it was not Morrison who incited the 2018 Liberal leadership spill, but Peter Dutton.

Things got spicy on Monday night’s episode of Nemesis when Turnbull was asked to give one word to describe the man who initiated his replacement.

“Thug,” Turnbull responded after a long pause.

So ya know, not a glowing review. Wouldn’t ask Mal to be a character reference if I were you, Peter.

Dutton responded to Turnbull’s negative description of him on Tuesday, after press asked if he was a thug forrealsies during a conference.

“In this job, it’ll be very difficult to go on the program, as I was asked to do, and give a true account of the actions of some individuals,” said Dutton to journalists.

Dutton and Abbott are the only leaders of the federal Liberal Party from the last 10 years not to appear on Nemesis. Hell even John “Lazarus” Howard got his triple-bypass to come back and have a dig.

Though this doesn’t mean Dutton will never share his perspective, as he then hinted:

“But maybe at some stage I’ll give an account to, of the true character of some individuals, but I of course, champion every former leader of my great party, and I’ll continue to do that into the future as well.”

Watching all these politicians (who are all from the same party BTW) talk so much shit about each other is basically like if the drama of Married At First Sight was infused with the cast of ABC’s QandA.

Thing is… both those shows are hot flaming trash. (Not even my own opinion, that’s just facts, fight me in the comments.)

And as juicy it has been to watch the gossip, the betrayal, and pettiness of Australia’s elected parliamentarians calling each other names…

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In comparison to the unhinged lines that Australian politicians have said about each other to the face of their own ‘nemesis’, these are lame playground insults.

Where is the wit? Where is the originality? Where is the thirst to destroy someone in front of the nation and leave them rendered emotionally devastated indefinitely?

What ever happened to great political roasters like ex-PM (1991-1996) Paul Keating, who will live on for eternity for his words to opposition leader John Hewson in 1992.

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“I ask the prime minister: if you are so confident about your view of fight back, why won’t you call an early election?” Hewson asked.

“Because mate, I wanna do you slowly,” responded Keating.

Forgive me for being thirsty on main, but I can’t be the only one feeling turned on by that third-degree-burn.

Hell, if I’m going to make the case that “they don’t make politicians like they used to” I may as well go back to 1972, where Gough Whitlam was heckled by a punter for his pro-choice stance on abortion.

He said THAT to a random member of the public. Absolute madman.

And don’t even get me started on some of the things he (allegedly) said to his own members.

The best we’ve had this century is Julia Gillard‘s “not now, not ever” speech, but it’s been pretty bloody bland otherwise.

With that, I rest my case. Aussie politicians were just more savage back in the day. Do better folks.

And to any Australian members of parliament who are reading and would love an opportunity to unload a verbal assault on their fellow politicians:

My DM’s are open, name your Nemesis.