Myki Could Be Scrapped By The End Of 2023 & FFS Just Let Us Tap On W/ Bank Cards Like Sydney


Myki cards could be scrapped by the end of 2023 after the Victorian Government hinted it would review the state’s public transport payment system. As a Melburnian who resents having to ~lug~ around an extra card in this day and age, it is welcome news.

The government’s contract with NTT Data (the company behind Myki) is meant to wrap up in November 2023 and Vic Treasurer Tim Pallas said the odds might not be in favour of renewal.

“The government wants to enhance travellers’ and public transport users’ experiences,” he said per The Guardian.

“We’d have to say that [the Myki system is] not the world’s best practice at the moment.

“We need to be alive to what more we can do and that’s why we’re having the engagement with stakeholders.”

Okay, lots of government-sounding jargon to sort through there.

However, the gist is pretty simple: shit’s fucked and we need to be able to tap on using our regular bank cards and mobile phones instead of carrying around physical cards.

Sound about right?

Regardless, I’m sure most folks living in Melbourne would be expecting an upgrade.

Disregarding locals for a hot second, don’t even get me started on how unpleasant the Myki system is for tourists and visitors.

It’s honestly bizarre that a state as progressive as Victoria in terms of infrastructure spending still expects people to cough up $6 for a new adult Myki card upon arrival in Melbourne.

Absolute nonsense.

The Myki card system was first rolled out in 2010 and was met with famously negative press.

For starters, it was massively over budget and cost three times as much as London’s Oyster card system as per The Age.

Myki reportedly cost the Vic Government $850 million whereas London’s Oyster only cost AUD $289.4 million. Ooft.

Hopefully the government gives us the option of paying via debit cards and Apple Pay later in 2023. Otherwise we risk sinking even further behind Sydney’s Opal system which would be a true catastrophe.