Dan Andrews Dropped The Deets For Melb’s Airport Train & This Is Some Liveable City Shit

After what has felt like decades [— nay, centuries —] of delays, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has officially announced Melbourne’s airport train. Get in, loser. We’re going to Tullamarine in approximately 30 minutes.

In a post to his Facebook page, Dan laid out the logistics of the airport train.

“Victoria, meet Melbourne Airport’s station,” wrote the premier.

As a side note, Daniel Andrews always writes his social media posts in single-line paragraphs. Therefore, I will NOT be changing the format to fit this article. Not now, not ever and especially not for the airport train.

“Airport Rail has been talked about since before the airport even opened.

“And now it’s happening.

“Airport Rail will connect seamlessly to our existing network – so 30 stations will have a direct connection to the airport.

“And from any other metro station and most regional stations you’ll be able to get there with just one change.

“Trains will run every 10 minutes, and it’ll take just 30 minutes from the city.

“It’s a game changer.

“And we’re getting on with it.”

Thus concludes a smorgasbord of all Dan Andrews’ greatest hits including “we’re getting on with it”, “game changer” and “meet (insert inanimate object here)”. A true wordsmith.

For those playing along at home who thought this was already announced — you’re right to be confused. The airport rail link project has been in the planning stages for fkn yonks but the so-called “business case” was unveiled today.

For those of us who did arts degrees (me), a business case is basically the State Government’s justification for a project.

“Cities around the world have a rail line to their airport, and now Victoria will have one too,” said State Transport Minister Jacinta Allan as per the ABC.

The Victorian and federal government has each pitched in a whopping $5 billion for the project which is expected to be completed in 2029.

SkyBus who? Never heard of her. I am now an airport train girly all the way.