Here’s A Mural Of A Happily Baked Richard Di Natale To Celebrate 4/20

Aussie artist Scott Marsh has done it again. This time with a mural of a very stoned Greens Leader Richard Di Natale, a bong, and the words “Legalize it!” 

And I must say the resemblance is uncanny.

Haven’t seen it? Feast your eyes on the mural below.

Ain’t it a beauty? Check the level of detail – the Tim Tams, Shapes, the posters of Bob Marley and Cypress Hill, the lava lamp, and the classic tie dye shirt and jeans combo. Amazing.

Also round of applause for Scott ‘cos the mural ain’t small.

You might not know Scottie by name but you’d definitely know his work. Think the iconic Kanye Loves Kanye mural that went absolutely off and the Tony Loves Tony mural, which by the way, are both available as signed prints which you can suss or buy HERE.

Seriously though, the Kanye Loves Kanye mural went absolutely global with Cosmopolitan, Huffpost, and Vice frothin’ the piece. You can find the OG one in Sydney or to be more precise, Teggs Lane Chippendale. 

Anywhoo, Scottie’s latest wall art is attached to Newton’s Botany View Hotel and they’re super chill with it as they posted a picture of the artwork to their Instagram with the caption, “@richarddinatale packing the monster fuuuuji. Finish lane way wall by the talented @scottie.marsh. Happy 4/20!” 

Botany View Hotel has hosted Scottie’s awesome artwork before and to celebrate his latest and 4/20, they’re  flogging $5 stoner desserts for dins dins and mates, they look pretty damn good.

In case ya missed it on Monday, good ol’ Richard announced the Greens’ national plan to legalise recreational cannabis use in the country. According to the plan, the Greens want cannabis to be treated in the same way as alcohol. So this means it’d be legal for 18-year-olds and over and available only in a strictly regulated market. Those doing a dodgy sale to underage teens would cop a hefty penalty as well.

You’d also be able to grow up to six plants for personal use which is pretty groovy.

Since the announcement, Richard’s been posting to his socials with his trendy new slogan.

What a way to celebrate weed week.

Happy 4/20!