MRA Doco Director Drops Out Of ‘Hack Live’ Fearing A Repeat Of ‘The Project’

If you were really keen to watch something that would make you so infuriated at your TV that you would rip out your own hair and you didn’t watch ‘Hack Live‘ tonight, you really played yourself. 
Tonight’s special was a discussion on whether male privilege exists (spoiler alert: it does), conducted by a mixture of informed experts, people who got their idea of what feminism from watching 90s bro comedies, and a guy who became a men’s rights activist because some of his high school friends got kicked in the balls (I did not make that up).
Featuring the likes of outspoken feminist Clem Ford, professional contrarian Daisy Cousens and transgender activist Nevo Zisin, here’s a brief recap if you missed out and want to know what went down: a series of people interrupted each other until Tom Tilley stepped in to mug at the camera and suggest smugly that maybe the truth was somewhere in the middle.
Conspicuously absent from the show, however, was the director of the anti-feminist documentary ‘The Red Pill‘, Cassie Jaye, who pulled out at the last second over concerns she would have a similar experience to the one she had on ‘The Project‘.
In an email to the ‘Hack‘ producers this afternoon, she said she already noticed “inherent biases” in the program:
“I already see so many warning signs of inherent bias based on the program’s marketing.

“I don’t see what I can gain by being a part of this when it’s clear that the show is going to give selective and limited airtime to certain guests over others.”
Personally, I reckon she probably would have done fine, given how the other MRA-types on the show were treated.
Source: ABC.
Photo: Channel 10.