Almost 70% Of NSW’s Year 9s Required To Sit Extra Tests Before Gaining HSC

The first NAPLAN test results since NSW implemented its minimum standards have rolled in, and about 70% of all current Year 9 students will need to complete at least one extra test to qualify for their HSC.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that 68% of Year 9 students attained at least one Band Eight ranking or higher in reading, writing, and numeracy. The new guidelines require students to attain a Band Eight ranking or higher in all three to land their full HSC in 2020.

This means that students who didn’t reach a Band Eight score in a particular discipline will be able to take an extra online test in that area in Years 10, 11, and 12. Students are able to take that test up to twice a year.

Despite the implementation of the online test system, this year’s Year 9 NAPLAN results were a marked improvement on previous years. 32% of students hit Band Eight rankings or above in all three areas, a full 10% more than in 2016.

Education Minister Simon Birmingham said that in the past year, NSW students’ NAPLAN scores had improved across the board. Writing scores improved by 1.15%, reading skills by 0.48%, and numeracy skills by 1.27%.

Those stats alone suggest NSW’s high school kids are working bloody hard under the new system. Onya, mates.