So moss has apparently gained sentience and decided to render practically every available surface in Sydney a slippery nightmare. Good!

According to The Guardian mosses and algae, paired with persistent wet weather and stray autumn leaves, have been threatening Sydneysiders’ safety recently as they innocently attempt to walk along the footpaths of their city.

It’s the mosses’ city now. And with more rain on the way, it looks like the moss will be settling in for a lovely stay. That means we should probably learn some more about our new mossy overlords.

According to, mosses are ancient plants that have survived through a range of drastic climate changes. There’s about 15,000-20,000 different species and they’re found on every continent and every ecosystem in the world habitable by plants that use sunlight for energy.

So basically mosses are everywhere and there’s pretty much no way of stopping them. Very good!

Perhaps the mosses have just been playing a very VERY long game strategy for world domination, beginning 450 million years ago when they started rubbing their slimy little green hands together just dreaming of the moment they could infiltrate modern day Sydney.

And infiltrate they have. According to The Guardian, the City of Sydney said the issue of slippery paths around the CBD has become so bad that it had changed their seasonal routines.

Sydney’s council are on the case too, boosting their cleaning practices to get on top of the issue.

“We continue to monitor the safety of our roads and paths and encourage residents to take care while the inclement weather continues,” they said to The Guardian.

Let’s hope their combined efforts against the moss will prevail. But knowing what we know now about moss, I’m feeling nervous.