A Journo Is Getting Grilled For Asking Morocco’s Football Captain If Any Teammates Are Gay

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A FIFA Women’s World Cup press conference was cut short after a reporter asked the Morocco football captain a question that was “completely out of line”.

During a press conference leading into the FIFA women’s World Cup game between Germany and Morocco on Monday, a BBC World Service reporter asked about the sexuality of players in Morocco’s Atlas Lionesses team.

“In Morocco, it’s illegal to have a gay relationship, do you have any gay players in your squad and what’s life like for them?” the reporter asked Moroccan captain Ghizlane Chebbak.

Chebbak was understandably uncomfortable upon hearing the question.

A FIFA moderator shut down the question and reminded the media that they were at the press conference to discuss football and not politics.

“From a harm reduction perspective, this is not an appropriate question for a player and would have endangered the players themselves,” The Athletic’s Steph Yang said on Twitter.

“We are obviously going to talk about the intersection of politics and sports at this World Cup, and it’s vital to do so,” Yang continued.

“But we should take care that our questions don’t cause further harm to those impacted by those very politics.”

Numerous voices in the industry slammed the reporter’s actions, including CBC Sports journalist Shireen Ahmed who said the question was “completely out of line”.

Ahmed also spoke to the reporter directly.

“The question also reeks of privilege from a journo who should know better. I told him that – emphatically,” Ahmed said,

Ahmed also said that she would be teaching “why understanding context and struggles from marginalized communities matters” in upcoming classes, and journo Molly Appleton called for more diversity in the field to avoid things like this happening.

I don’t how or why this reporter thought asking this question was a good idea or appropriate in any way.

Morocco lost to Germany 6-0 in Monday night’s match.

Image: Twitter