Monster Children Gallery To Host Final Epic Show In December

Sad news everyone. Just got this bittersweet presser from our friends at Monster Children.

After five years of operation and over forty individual and group exhibitions, Monster Children directors, Chris Searl and Campbell Milligan, will close the doors of the gallery after the demand for proposed international and domestic creative projects and collaborations becomes a reality.

“The time has come to spread the brand to a much wider audience,” said co-director and creative director of Monster Children, Campbell Milligan. “At present we are only showing to the audience of Sydney and our goal has always been to showcase the artwork and creativity associated with our culture to the wider Australian population,” he said.

“We have many projects in the pipe-line that will see Monster Children and our contemporaries artworks seen by a wider audience and we are very excited about this new phase of Monster Children gallery. Although it might not be in Sydney, Monster Children gallery will take some shape or form in other urban centres,” he added.

Co-director and photographic editor of Monster Children, Chris Searl, said he is proud of what the Monster Children gallery has achieved over the past five years. “Thomas Campbell, Alex Kopps, Kill Pixie, Neck Face, Steven Powers, Zawada, Lister, Evan Hecox, Daniel Johnston, Ed Templeton, Jose Parla… the list goes on that has shown at the gallery. Our intention was always to bring this brand of art to Australia when no one else was doing it and with this in mind, we have achieved our goal.”

That’s the bad news. The good news? The gallery’s final show boats an epic fuck off lineup of artists. Seriously, it’s intense but totally befitting of the gallery’s reputation. Final show’s on December 9th at 20 Burton Street, Darlinghurst. Come along, say goodbye and pour one out for this beloved institution. RIP Monster Children Gallery.