Behind The Scenes Of Monster Children Gallery

If you’ve ever wondered what being a Gallery Curator entails let me tell you, it’s not all empty wine bottles, “inspiration” spliffs, exotic cheese and limp-wristed appraisals of work you secretly hate. A discerning eye is requisite for one, as is the ability to function without sleep or food. You’ll also need a modicum of inter-personal and time management skills and above all a passion for art. That’s right kids – dilettantes need not apply.

In the below video Sydney chaps Lincoln Caplice and Campbell Brown interview Monster Children’s resident curator and gnarly facial hair enthusiast (though not the gnarliest in the Monster Children family) Joseph Allen Shea – himself an accomplished artist, graphic designer, publisher and art director.

In the video, Jo reveals what goes into curating a show, in this case, The Mirror Stage showcase featuring Sydney-bred, LA-residing street artist Kill Pixie and dystopic visionary Cleon Peterson while also touching on Monster Children’s illustrious past and not too distant future. Get your thinking caps on below…

Monster Children Gallery – The Mirror Stage from Monster Children on Vimeo.