Misguided Teenager Wants To Sell Virginity For Cash

Did you hear the one about the Melbourne schoolgirl selling virginity for $12k? A Sydney escort agency has made news because of the “rare opportunity” they are offering one lucky client willing to shill out 12 large.

According to disturbing reports, a spokeswoman for the escort agency creepily said, “She is a virgin, you can tell. She goes to your place or hotel and you can spend two days together. She does not have a boyfriend and she wants to do it for the money.”

Ugh. This breaks the first rule of losing your virginity: do not do it for the money. It also breaks one of the general sex rules: do not pay to have sex with a virgin. Here’s why:

1. There’s a 100% chance the person who paid for the virgin-sex is a creep.
2. There’s a 99% chance a virgin will not be good at sex anyway.
3. There’s an 88% chance the virgin isn’t a virgin. What are we basing this on? The word of a madam?
4. If someone wants to dedicate $12,000 cash (and that’s a good week-long European holiday) to having sex with one virgin there’s something wrong with them.
5. Losing one’s virginity oftentimes isn’t even that great with someone they’re madly in love with, so imagine what it will be like with someone who fits the description of point 1.
6. Try stripping instead.