Tedious Edgelord Trots Out Schtick In Only Country Yet To Tell Him To Fuck Off

Unfortunately, you are probably already familiar with Milo Yiannopoulos. Most of his notable achievements are getting banned or fired from things for being a huge dumbass, but you might also know him from his weird endorsement of pedophilia, his threat to publicly out undocumented immigrants at a university talk, his working closely with white nationalist figures to help launder their image, or maybe that time he claimed to be too shortsighted to see all the people doing Nazi salutes around him as he sung karaoke.

Yiannopoulis is the darling figure of the right, primarily for two reasons. Firstly, he is very good at finding ways to be a complete monster. Secondly, the right believes him to be completely immune to criticism because he is gay, of Jewish ancestry, and he has a black husband. Because they themselves have been scolded for saying racist things about black people or homophobic things about gay people, the right has somehow been led to believe that no one can say anything about black people or gay people or any other sort of minority, making them believe that Yiannopoulos has some sort of superpower.

It turns out it doesn’t really matter who you are, though, if you act like a complete wanker, you will be treated as such. He has been barred from college campuses, had his book deal cancelled, been fired from speaking engagements, let go from some jobs and forced to resign from others, and banned from Twitter as people cottoned on to the fact that his entire job is just saying the worst possible thing and hoping it causes some controversy.

There was still one place where he might get the attention and money (especially the money) that he so craved. A place so credulous and desperate for celebrities that they might just treat him like he actually has something worthwhile to say: I am speaking of none other than the beautiful island nation of Australia.

He’s here, peddling his bullshit and hoping to be put on TV so that he can call being trans a mental illness or complain about how feminists are both silencing him and ruining the world.  He’s already been a frequent guest on Andrew Bolt‘s show, with Bolt clearly enamoured with having someone on who isn’t a straight, 60-year-old white dude. Bolt has never once introduced Yiannopoulos without mentioning that he is gay, still apparently quite impressed at the novelty of having a gay person on the show.

Yiannopoulos has already had a big winge about not being given spots on Today and The Project, but the usual outlets are tripping over themselves to fawningly write about how this dashing provocateur (puke) is riling up the lefties with this dangerous ideas. You better believe he’s living up to the hype, look at the unbelievably powerful take unleashed from his daring, genius brain that the Daily Mail is running with:

Image: Daily Mail.

Wow mate, you really put that building in its place. The deadly onslaught doesn’t stop there, the 12D chess-playing mastermind also took aim at the entire sweep of the harbour with this incredibly deft hand gesture. Looks like you’ll have to take the Cross-Harbour Tunnel from now on, because the Sydney Harbour Bridge has been UTTERLY DESTROYED.

Image: News Corp.

Yes, he’s unleashing some pretty devastating stuff, and it doesn’t stop there. The Australian (reporting that Yiannopoulos describes himself as a “one man wrecking crew” and “internet supervillain) and the Daily Telegraph are both running their story with the lede as Yiannopoulos’ absolutely inflammatory, deeply edgy opinion that he thinks Tony Abbott is “cool” and that Julia Guillard is a “complete prick“. Pretty controversial stuff, saying an unpopular former prime minister isn’t that good and professing your love for an onion-eating lizard. The Oz article also seems to indicate that he googled ‘Australian conservative catnip’ before getting on the plane, as he took time to describe section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act as “the worst law“. That’s exactly what this country needs: more racism.

News.com.au decided to lead with Yiannopoulos’ remarks about Waleed Aly, where he described him as an “intellectual lightweight“, a “total coward”, and “insubstantial“, still struggling with the idea that just because you exist doesn’t mean that everyone has to have you on their TV show. There simply is not enough time.

We wish him the best of luck in his tour of going around Australia and telling gamers that, yes, women do belong in the kitchen. We certainly don’t hope that he falls into an open manhole cover.