$200,000 Of A Product Was Seized In A Victorian Police Meth Lab Raid, But It Wasn’t Meth

Police in Victoria have conducted a drug raid of a house in Botanic Ridge where they found a meth lab, drugs, gems, cash, and $200,000 worth of… Lego?

The house in Melbourne’s south-east was raided on Tuesday as part of an investigation into the manufacturing of meth in the area, however detectives were surprised to find 1,130 boxes of the popular building toy at the location.

Victoria Police expressed some bemusement at the unusual find, sharing a pun-filled post to their social media.

Estimates say that the massive collection of Lego could be valued at near $200,000, and police have stated that they are going to need a truck to help them remove it.

The occupants of the raided home, a 36-year-old man and a 32-year-old woman, were arrested. The man was charged, but the woman was later released.

In a statement on raid’s bizarre results Detective Inspector Anthony Vella said: “It’s not unusual for police to seize a range of different items from a property as part of an investigation like this, however this is more often drugs or cash.

“This is the first time our detectives have seized a Lego collection – let alone one so large that it requires specific transportation to remove it.

Various boxes of Lego in the back of the truck order by Police. (Image source: 9News / VIC Police)

Honestly mate, same. I already spend way more money than I should on Lego. Some hobbies really can get the best of you, and suddenly they take over your life — kinda like Meth!

When approached by PEDESTRIAN.TV on exactly why this bonkers amount of Lego might have been at the home — and more importantly, what will happen to all those precious blocks?? — here’s what Leading Senior Constable Adam West had to say:

“It is alleged that the Lego is proceeds of crime. If there is a successful prosecution and the court sees the Lego as proceeds of crime it will make a determination as to what occurs to it.”

So the future of the Lego set is in the hands of the court. Guess I’ll just have to try and ask the judge to give me the $500+ Lego Spider-Man Daily Bugle that I think I saw in the raid’s haul somewhere.

Comments on Vic Police’s post voiced that all this unwanted Lego could be a perfect thing to giveaway to a children’s hospital as the holiday period draws near.

However it is not possible that a judgement will be made by then, as the male will not face court again until February 2024.

Meth and Lego. Not even once.