Get The Brolly, It’s Gonna Absolutely Piss Down In Melbourne Tomoz & Friday

The charmed run of unseasonably warm Autumn weather in Melbourne is officially bloody over, mates. The Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting winter to arrive with an almighty thump over the next few days, with the Victorian capital set to cop a bashing from heavy rains and storms.

The blessed BoM is tracking a gnarly cold front that’s set to sweep over Victoria Wednesday night (that’s tonight, dummies), bringing with it a big heap of rain, hail, and possible thunderstorms.

Tonight’s front is forecast to produce about 5mm of rain when it passes over in the wee hours, but that – as we all know with Melbourne’s fickle weather – is just the start of it.

The lingering effects of the cold front are set to send temperatures plummeting down to mid-winter levels, with Melbourne forecasted to reach a top of just 13 tomorrow. That’s being accompanied by rainfall that’s predicted to drop around 15mm on the city.

But Friday is where it gets really nasty.

On the tail end of that cold front, BoM forecasters are expecting a low pressure system to develop which will drop a bloody big heap of rain on Melbourne throughout the day, with heavy falls predicted that could bring anywhere from 25 to 80mm of rain, which would almost double the monthly average of 56mm in just two days.

The colder temperatures are expected to continue throughout the weekend, with Friday predicted to hit 13, Saturday 15, and Sunday just 16 degrees.

Think of Melbourne’s weather this weekend as this:

Except Carol is Melbourne, and Charlie Kelly is winter finally arriving.

She’s gonna be a wet one, mates. Put the canvas shoes away.