Melbourne, Stay Home Tomorrow: Trams On Strike Again, Taxis Too

Melbourne, if you thought that the last few weeks were tough with all the tram and train strikes, then boy oh boy – are you in for a treat tomorrow. 
Tram strikes will be on again tomorrow from 9am – 3pm, after workers hit a stalemate during pay discussions. But to make your commute to work even more difficult – taxis will also be out of action tomorrow morning. Instead, taxi drivers, license holders and private drivers will be rallying on the steps of State Parliament from 10am, in protest of UberX
Sandy Spanos, a spokesperson for Victorian Taxi Families said that the protest is to make a statement about Labor‘s failure to do anything to ‘rein in’ UberX’s brazen law-flaunting.
“What we want is the government to uphold the laws of the state,” she said. “If UberX wants to operate, let them work within the regulatory framework.” 
Uber must be absolutely ~frothing~ right now. 
We’d hazard a guess that they’re going to be pretty busy tomozza, so get ready for that gnarly surge pricing, Melburnians. Or chuck another sickie. Yeah, fuck it – just don’t leave the house. 
via The Age
Photo: Andrew Caballero-Reynolds via Getty Images