A Melbourne Landlord Listed A Bed In A Garage For A Cool $150 A Week

People have expressed shock and outrage as a garage furnished with a bed was being advertised for $150 a week.

In a now-deleted advert on Gumtree, the garage was described as a “studio space” that was “super private and secure”. The listing went on to say the room was a “converted solid brick garage in a large house and property in Brunswick.”

They said it would suit an artist or a student.

The photos tell the real story, depicting a dark brick room with leaves on the floor, a front door that doesn’t fit properly, fabric on the roof and walls (a definite fire hazard), all lit by a single, uncovered bulb dangling from the roof like a scene from a horror movie.

Even worse, it appears uninsulated, apart from some electrical tape covering parts of the wall, a feature one person on Reddit said would leave the occupant “sweltering in summer [and] freezing during the rest of the year”.

“Nothing about that looks waterproof, mould resistant, secure or safe in any capacity,” they added.

The image was shared to Reddit by a person saying they were considering moving in. Although they did not respond to questions from PEDESTRIAN.TV, they did say they were a student and that the room was offered for $150 per week with all bills included.

People quickly responded, urging them not to move into the “unliveable” space.

“It’s not a converted garage. It’s just a garage someone put a bed in,” one person said.

“You’ll get sick often, there’s a potential for moisture damage, flooding and mice. The mosquitoes this time of the year are ravenous,” said another.

“The winters will be freezing, you wouldn’t be able to sleep. I’d also be worried about fire hazards.

They said the owner “should have done better than just putting a bunch of sheets up.”

This was not the only garage to be rented out as a bedroom in recent months. Just a few weeks ago, a Sydney landlord listed a bed in a garage for $250.

In the advert the landlord said whoever took Dulwich Hill garage “must have employment” and be able to “direct debit rent weekly or fortnightly”.

The advert was reportedly taken down very quickly.

It is easy to understand why such cheap rentals look appealing, especially in such financially tough times, but not only are rooms such as this one dangerous and illegal, they can cause serious long-term health problems. Ultimately, the best advice is to just keep looking.