Five Melbourne Men Cop Coronavirus Fines For Gathering In A House To Play Video Games

Victoria Police have confirmed that 54 fines were handed out to people yesterday for breaching social distancing restrictions. Among those, curiously enough, were five men who all copped fines for gathering in the same house to play video games.

Police confirmed that the unidentified men were served the fines yesterday after police attended a house in Box Hill. The men had gathered there collectively and were playing video games at the time the fines were handed out.

Other fines were handed out in Melbourne and Frankston specifically to people who were found loitering outside and had been, quote, given “multiple warnings” not to. Additionally, fines were handed out to people at “a number of gatherings at private homes and parks.”

As part of police operations yesterday, officers conducted 597 spot checks on homes and non-essential businesses in the 24 hours to 11pm last night. That brings the total number of spot checks conducted by police to a whopping 22,354 since March 21st.

Victoria’s on-the-spot social distancing fines run to a fairly hefty $1,652 per individual, meaning that winds up being a pretty expensive local game of CoD for the five blokes in question.

The lesson here is pretty simple: Online gaming exists for a reason, buy a bloody headset next time.