Man, there’s never been a better time to have a glorious mane of red hair. Those soft copper tones when sunlight hits the cranium; it’s like a glorious halo. Truly fucking glorious. 

Melbourne Gets Pride Rally For Rarest / Most Underrated Hair Colour Of All

Luckily, Melbourne is soon receiving a march to celebrate the wonderfulness of the ginge – The Ginger Pride Rally

Sponsored and organised by Buderim Ginger and led by ‘distinguished copper top’ and former Big Brother fella Michael Beveridge, the rally will be all about redheads ‘congratulating each other on quite literally sporting the rarest, most spectacular genes in the world’. 

It also focuses on the bullying that redheads experience, especially at school. Buderim Ginger Marketing Manager Jacqui Price said, 

“It’s no secret that gingers are used to being teased for their flaming locks and freckles, experiencing prejudice and misrepresentation since the Dark Ages. And it’s time we say ENOUGH!”

And so, the festival is being supported by Bully Zero Australia Foundation and The Red and Nearly Ginger Association (R.A.N.G.A.). Participants in the rally are encouraged to give a gold coin donation, with all proceeds going to Bully Zero. 

So the ranga-love is for a bloody cause, because it doesn’t matter how genetically-blessed someone is – bullying is never okay.

The Buderim Ginger ‘Ginger Pride Rally’ will be held at Federation Square in Melbourne from 10:30am, on April 16th. 

Melbourne Gets Pride Rally For Rarest / Most Underrated Hair Colour Of All

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