A Melbourne Cup Protestor Slooshed 1000L Of Weird Oily Liquid Onto Flemington Racecourse

Melbourne Cup protestor pouring oily liquid onto racetrack

Someone poured a bunch of mysterious “oily substance” on the Flemington racetrack ahead of the Melbourne Cup.

9News tweeted a video of an unidentified person pouring the mystery liquid onto the racetrack.

Footage was also shared by Extinction Rebellion Victoria, saying it had been “contacted by friends” who released “1000 litres of sludge” onto the racecourse. That is a lot of sludge.

The group also said it “fully [endorses] the message of this person”.

Extinction Rebellion tweeted a press release containing statements allegedly from the person who dumped the fluid.

“I am a problem gambler and so I have my personal issues with the racing industry, but this act is about more than that,” the statement read.

“This is about Victoria Racing Club, and the toxic industry of which they are leaders, choosing to protect their racecourse against the impacts of climate change at the expense of people’s homes and livelihoods.”

It referenced the Flemington Racecourse flood wall, which residents of the area claim has made flooding worse for them.

The statement also describe the cup as a “super-spreader event for the virus of gambling addiction”.

“The racing industry callously disregards the wellbeing of animals and the community, both local in the floods, and those who have fallen victim to gambling.”

After the mystery liquid was poured on the racecourse, Racing Victoria confirmed that it was still safe for racing per The Guardian. Alas, apparently it takes more than 1000 litres of sludge to stop the Melbourne Cup from going ahead.

Police detective investigated the sitch, according to a spokesperson.

“Melbourne Criminal Investigation Unit detectives are investigating after unknown offenders have broke into a racing facility in Flemington and poured an unknown substance over a portion of the track about 6am this morning,” they said, per News.com.au.

Other protestors also blocked a main road outside the racecourse with a van. The Daily Mail reported that the climate activists argued with police and shouted at people entering the Cup. Slay.

“Eat your pheasant, drink your wine, your days are numbered, bourgeois swine,” one protestor apparently yelled.

NGL, that chant absolutely slaps.