Melbourne Blokes Fined $8,260 For The Crime Of Playing Cricket In The Park During Lockdown

A group of mates playing cricket have each been slammed with $1,652 fines for breaching Victoria’s tough Stage 3 lockdown restrictions.

Footage posted by the Humans of Bankstown Facebook page shows five men getting written up mid-match in the suburbs of Melbourne.

Under the restrictions, Victorians can only leave the house for essential supplies, exercise, medical treatment, and unavoidable work. Their cricket match apparently didn’t count as exercise.

The video’s description says they were “having a game of backyard cricket,” however they appear to be playing in a park. In either case, gatherings of more than two people who are not members of the same household are currently banned.

Victoria Police does not comment on individual fines but says it has issued almost three times more than any other state. They have also conducted over 15,232 spot checks since restrictions started on March 21.

The state currently has the most expensive on-the-spot lockdown fines in the country.

While $1,652 is a huge price to pay for a cheeky cricket match, experts warn such gatherings are irresponsible as they pose a serious rick of spreading the coronavirus.

Commenters were divided about the incident.

“Bit harsh… I’d love to know how many of the backpackers got fined for that party the other week or the people that were all over Manly Beach!” wrote one person, referring to incidents in NSW.

“Police are standing closer than 1.5m to issue the fine,” said another.

“Would have been quicker and safer to tell them to fuck off home not waste everyone’s time not social distancing to issue a fine.”

Others supported the fines.

“Everyone was saying ‘lock us down’ weeks ago and now everyone’s complaining that people are playing sport with their friends or neighbors?” said third comment.

“Can’t have it both ways. We need to stop the spread.”