Matt Barrie Just Tore Mike Baird A New Asshole Over His Pro-Lockout Post

CEO of Freelancer, Matt Barrie became a bit of household name recently after posting a lengthy critique of the NSW Liberal Government‘s lockout laws on LinkedIn

His attention to statistics and explanation of biases in the City of Sydney‘s reports surrounding the laws made most of us breathe a sigh of relief. There are legitimate facts that support our argument! Thank fuck. Phew.
Because let’s face it – these statistics are going over the heads of some of us; we’re literally just throwing a big fat tantrum when the line at the club cuts off when we’re next at 1:31pm, or sobbing in a corner when we can’t buy a bottle of wine at 10.01pm on a Thursday night (IRL situation for this writer last week, if I’m honest)
But anyway, you probably heard about NSW Premier Mike Baird‘s extremely condescending and patronising Facebook post about Sydney-siders being upset over their nightlife being yanked away from them. 

Let’s start with a statistic about Sydney’s nightlife that matters: alcohol related assaults have decreased by 42.2 per…

Posted by Mike Baird on Monday, 8 February 2016

Most of our responses have been emotive and experiential. We needed some facts, some stats, some figures!
Thine beating heart chill the fucketh out: Barrie‘s not done yet. He left this ass-whoopery on the Premier’s post:
6.4%! Christ, we were well aware that the majority of Baird’s citizens ain’t thrilled over what he’s done, but oh man. His insistence that Sydney hasn’t lost its vibrancy clearly ain’t foolin’ anyone. 
If you take a look at Baird’s post itself, you might notice an occasional supportive comment. But it’s a needle in a haystack of complaints and angry residents of Sydney, who are losing faith in the city that they pay so much rent in. 
So, this, basically:

But, as per Barrie’s tweet, perhaps we could swing the opinion of the Premier and his fellow Libs if we sent him this ’59 bottle of Penfolds Grangeàla Barry O’Farrell? Lets give it a shot, yeah? 
There’s a GoFundMe for it already, because Barrie’s smart but he’s also a funny bastard:
Source: Facebook.