WATCH: Friendlyjordies Savages Mike Baird Over Those BS Lockout Stats

Jfc, if Matt Barrie‘s takedown of Mike Baird and the lockout laws was a passionate analysis of the data, then this Friendlyjordies clip is the utterly savage takedown the #KeepSydneyOpen movement both needed and deserved.

Here, Friendlyjordies’ Jordan is at his most vicious, with seething malcontent pretty much dripping off him as he calls out the hypocritical, cherry-picked data-filled rant that was Baird’s most ‘engaged’ Facebook post of all time.

We’d pull out one of Jordan’s more blistering quotes here, but holy shit – just watch it. This is something else.

The Sydney Lock-Out Laws

The Sydney Lock-Out Laws

Posted by Friendlyjordies on Sunday, 21 February 2016

Shivers. We have actual shivers.

Source: Friendlyjordies.