Aww. The cheeky little sweetums Mark Zuckerberg, who owns the most powerful media apparatus in human history, seems to have gotten his very own booster seat when he sat before Congress today.

This came from the Washingtonian, who snapped a pic before it was graced with the weight of Zuck’s thicc billionaire ass.

What could this be for? I mean, it’s possible that it’s just a lil extra padding considering he was about to sit in front of Congress for several hours – but to be honest, it doesn’t look particularly comfortable. Folks, it looks like this might be something to boost his height.

Zuck is 5’7″. Not the shortest guy in the world, but it doesn’t exactly project power in the hallowed halls of Congress – so it’s entirely possible he needed this booster to get a little bit of extra height. People online are speculating on this precise point.

It definitely does make him seem taller, that’s for sure. More powerful? That’s up for debate. Hmm. What else is the Zuck hiding, folks?