Malcolm Turnbull, A Salty Boy, Reckons The PM Needs To Call An Election ASAP

That Malcolm Turnbull wouldn’t take his inglorious knifing lying down was always a fair assumption to make. But few, if any, would’ve predicted the sheer amounts of heat he’d be spitting from the sidelines. The latest salvo in Malcolm’s on-going crusade of “fuck all y’all“? A stinging barb aimed at Prime Minister Scott Morrison, asserting that if old mate had any brains he’d be going to the polls as early as March.


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Appearing on ABC Radio early this morning, Turnbull wasted no time in sending the new week news cycles into overdrive, asserting that Morrison has no choice but to face the wrath of the the voters as soon as possible in order to avoid the chaos in Canberra poisoning Gladys Berejiklian‘s re-election campaign in the NSW state election, which is set for March 23rd.

My view — I’m a retired member of parliament, just a member of the Liberal Party, but since everyone else feels free to express their political commentary, I shall do so — my view is that it would be manifestly in the best interests and prospects of the Morrison Government to go to the polls as soon as it can after the summer break.

In fact, my intention and Scott’s intention for that matter prior to my being removed as Prime Minister was to go to the polls on March 2, which is exactly three weeks before the NSW state election.

Morrison has got to judge the right timing for an election.

There is a real concern in NSW Liberal circles that a very good, outstanding government led by Gladys Berejiklian is going to have its prospects of success diminished because of the brand damage to the Liberal Party caused by the leadership change in August.

Cop that.

This latest stir of the pot comes a day after Turnbull put his own party on blast again, after Morrison ticked off on a factional push that would see known agitator Craig Kelly‘s preselection rubber stamped, despite growing disquiet among Liberal members in his seat of Hughes over his candidacy.

Malcolm Turnbull. Definitely not enjoying every literal second of all this.