Desiccated Scrotum Malcolm Roberts Is Heading Back To The Senate

Inexhaustible climate change denier and all-round extremely weird man Malcolm Roberts will be heading back to the Senate after being kicked out under Section 44 back in 2017.

[jwplayer YcpeAy7l]

Roberts will be returning as a senator for Queensland, which had its upper house vote finalised by the AEC today, alongside that of South Australia and Western Australia. He will be joined by the three senators from the Liberal National Party (Paul Scarr, Susan McDonald and Gerard Rennick), Nita Green from the Labor Party, and returning Greens senator Larissa Waters.

Roberts is largely famous for dipping his toe into the bizarre and arcane sovereign citizen movement, his ability to drive scientists insane by not understanding anything at all, and for being humiliated on television more or less any time he appears.

In a statement, Roberts renewed a commitment to “hold Canberra’s politicians and bureaucrats to account“, which presumably means he will continue pestering CSIRO until they admit that they made up climate change just to piss him off.