Name A More Iconic Duo Than Magda Szubanski & Egg Boy Who Teamed Up To Help Bushfire Survivors

Magda Szubanski and *checks notes* Egg Boy are teaming up to help heal bushfire-hit communities and ow my heart is so full.

The pair raised $190,000 for the long term mental health of people impacted by the bushfires. They then set out on a road trip to bushfire-ravaged Tumbarumba and Batlow to create art workshops as a way of providing ongoing mental health support to survivors. Australian Story followed their journey, which aired on Monday night and it is so freakin’ wholesome.

Szubanski and Egg Boy (Will Connolly) met at a convention in Byron Bay, that brought people together who had unusual takes on how to make the world a better place.

Connolly would’ve surely been top of the list, because smashing an egg on Fraser Anning‘s head is certainly unconventional. The egging was more than fair though, after balding-mess Anning blamed the Christchurch terror attack on NZ’s immigration policy.

After Egg Boy presented a speech at the convention, Szubanski later tapped him on the shoulder and told him “we’re going to be friends.” Funnily enough, Will didn’t actually know who she was at that time. But a friendship was born, and not long after that Connolly asked Szubanski if she wanted to set up a bushfire GoFundMe page with him.

A couple days later Egg Boy and Magda Szubanski met up and decided that they wanted to raise money to help with some of the long-term mental health effects of the bushfires.

“Magda was like, come around to my house tomorrow. And my mum was like, oh, my God, do you know whose house we’re going to?” Will said on Australian Story.

Szubanski has personal experiences with dealing with trauma after her dad joined the Polish resistance during WW2, where he became an assassin. Watching her father have to relive those experiences, opened up her eyes to how people deal with suffering.

“If we can learn to get the measure of (generational) trauma, if we can learn how to cope with that suffering, how to help others who are going through that suffering, I’m all in. I’ll do whatever I can to help,” she said.

You can watch the Australian Story on iView here.