Daily Wire Host Calls Comedy “Inherently Masculine” & Magda Szubanski Thinks The Fuck Not

Magda Szubanski, aka one of Australia’s funniest people, has slammed a Daily Wire host for his claim that women are only funny when they’re “emulating a man.” Yep. Women can’t be funny, apparently.

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Szubanski, who won our hearts as Sharon Strezlecki in Kath & Kim, was not having a bar of this “comedy is inherently masculine” bullshit, and took to Twitter to put the host back in his place.

The roundtable was filmed for Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire outlet. The segment featured a bunch of men gathered around a table in a poorly decorated room to voice their thoughts on the issue, despite absolutely nobody asking.

Now, I don’t just inherently hate anything Ben Shapiro says or does. I can at least understand his perspective on some issues, I’m not being a total hater here. However, there’s something absolutely ridiculous about a bunch of incredibly un-funny men sitting around trying to say that women can’t be funny unless they’re trying to be men.

Sorry “dudes”, but have you seen Kath & Kim? Anything by Tina Fey? Julia Louis-Dreyfus?

But Magda, who is a hilarious person, NOT just a hilarious woman, doesn’t need me to defend her. She fired off two more tweets to back up her original post.

Magda’s impressive resume includes Babe, The Crocodile Hunter (still crying), Bran Nu Dae, Happy Feet and Neighbours, so if you think she’s not hilarious, you’ve got incredibly bad taste.

This woman is an Australian national treasure and it looks like we need to send the Daily Wire team a box set of Kath & Kim so they can learn what real humour is.

But perhaps the best thing to come out of Magda’s tweets was the huge outpour of love and support for kickass females in the comedy industry. And, of course, the absolute roasting of the guys who tried to say women aren’t funny.

Almost all of the replies to the original tweet, as well as Magda’s, are celebrating how hilarious women are, or pointing out the fact that men like this are jokes.

If you need a good laugh for your Saturday afternoon, I encourage you to have a read through the replies because the Daily Wire hosts got absolutely annihilated.