The ‘Love Is Blind’ Reunion Is Here & Cameron And Lauren Are Still Adorable As Fuck

love is blind reunion

Netflix’s beloved reality dating show Love Is Blind just wrapped up with their highly-anticipated reunion episode, and our sweet angels Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton have managed to melt my heart once again.

Lauren and Cameron were the fan favourites throughout the show, and were one of just three successful couples. They fell in love almost instantly and were engaged before they had even seen each other IRL.

Despite being complete opposites, the pair just… worked. Lauren’s outgoing, extroverted personality was perfectly complimented by Cameron’s introverted but strong vibe. You know what they say, opposites attract.

Honestly, somebody is going to have to pass me the tissues because Cameron was a sweet, sweet angel at the reunion and I can’t handle it.

“Lauren is an amazing woman,” he said. “Just being with her, I feel, changed me in many ways…I feel like I’ve evolved over time.”

But this isn’t a one-sided romance. Lauren seems to be equally smitten with her lover, even a year after they first met.

“We’re able to teach other things that the other may not have experienced on the show,” she added at the reunion. “I feel like Cameron has opened my eyes to so many things. He teaches me stuff every day.”

Unlike other reality shows like our beloved MAFS, Cameron and Lauren’s marriage on Love Is Blind is completely legal and legitimate, which is a HUGE commitment to make on a dating show.

“We definitely did. That’s the part that was so scary for me. This is a real legally binding marriage. This is not for TV. This is our life,” Lauren said of the *very* real marriage back in February.

But if you thought one wedding was enough, think again because the pair are ready to do…

another one

“At least a reception or something where we can invite all of our family that didn’t get a chance to get to our wedding since it was so fast,” Lauren told PEOPLE. “We couldn’t bring everybody [to the first ceremony] like we wanted to, but we definitely want to plan that and involve as much of our family as we can.”
Fans on Twitter are still swooning over how perfect this couple is. Honestly, just give them their own reality show.

Everyone wanted Lauren, but she is happily married to King Cameron. All hail King Cam.

This couple carried the damn show and they frankly didn’t get the reunion airtime they deserved.

Thankfully, we got to enjoy their hilarious reactions to the god-awful couples they’re surrounded by.

We stan Cameron and Lauren.