Of Course Louis C.K. Kicked Off His Rebooted Comedy Career With Sexual Misconduct Jokes

Louis C.K. used his history of pressuring women to watch or listen to him masturbate as material for his new stand-up routine, which dropped unexpectedly on the weekend.

In 2017, the comedian admitted to masturbating in front of five different women without their consent and briefly disappeared from the public eye. In Sincerely Louis C.K., he used his history of sexual misconduct as gag fodder.

“I like jerking off, I don’t like being alone, that’s all I can tell you. I get lonely, it’s just sad. I like company. I like to share,” he told the crowd.

“I’m good at it, too. If you’re good at juggling, you wouldn’t do it alone in the dark. You’d gather folks and amaze them.”

He also asked the audience how their last few years had been, referencing his fall from grace.

“Anybody else get into global amounts of trouble? Fuck that was crazy.”

(Getty Images / Debra L Rothenberg)

Afterwards, he went on to treat a fairly standard definition of consent as a literal joke, before making a comparison to slavery.

“If you want to do it with someone else, you need to ask first. But if they say yes, you still don’t get to go ‘Woo!’ and charge ahead. You need to check in often; I guess that’s what I’d say,” he said.

“It’s not always clear how people feel. Men are taught to make sure the woman is OK. The thing is, women know how to seem OK when they’re not OK. So you can’t just look at her face and be like, ‘Her eyes are dry, we’re fine. Let’s just keep going.’

“It’s kind of like a Negro spiritual. It’s sort of similar. So to assume that she likes it is like if they heard slaves singing in the field and you’re like, ‘Hey, they’re having a good time out there’.”

The stand-up set also delved into pedophilia, terrorism and the Holocaust, and joked about people with disabilities, as if it weren’t already in seriously poor taste.

Sincerely was released directly through the comedian’s website.

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